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 Latias (Not Active)

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PostSubject: Latias (Not Active)   Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:05 pm

I just made this until I have more badges and points to get Latias and Latias is for me reserved! o.o

Name of Pokemon: Latias



Evolutions: None because Latias is legendary

Type: /

Type of Pokeball Caught In: Master Ball

History: Luca was once in Alamos Town with a friend of his, it was a girl and her name was Alice (Not the Alice in the movie Razz ). They were walking on the bridge that lead to the entrance and went to the center of town. They doube battled against a few and others. Alice and Luca then went to a garden where they found lying pokémon having nightmares on the floor. It was Darkrai, Alive knew because the shadow grew from Luca's shadow and formed itself. The Darkrai said: "You... Alice..." Alice looked a little shocked. "Umm... yes Alice is my name! But what is with me...?", Alice asked a little scared, or very scared. "You... are not Alice... Listen... you!", Darkrai said as he pointed at Luca. "M... me?! What is with me?!" "A pokémon is in your dreams and nightmares... did you saw any pokémon formed creatures in your dreams or nightmares?" Luca thought for a while from his dreams he had and from the nightmares. "Yeah! There was this pokémon, red, flying, glowing eyes, jet-like and fast." "Hmm... I think..." Darkrai swayed it's arm and Luca suddenly fell asleep but he was caught by Alice. "What's wrong with him?! What did you do?!" "Whatever happens now to his dreams will be reality... let's wait for a while and don't be scared..." Suddenly a claw from the sky grabed Luca and dragged him into the sky. Alice and Darkrai look up and it were some Team Galactic Grunts in a hot air baloon. "Thank you for lending us the kid!", a female grunt said winking. "Mag! Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! *cough*", a Magby said on the baloon. It was shooting fire under it to let it rise. "Now don't just cough! KEEP ON!", the male grunt yelled at the Magby. "Aww that poor thing..." "Alice! Watch out!", Darkrai said as he pushed Alice aside and saved her from a electric blast from the grunts. "It's payback time! Go Pidgeot!", Alice threw a Heart Ball and a Pidgeot came out. "Pidgeot!" "Darkrai help us!" "Fine..." Alice flew on Pidgeot's back after the baloon with Darkrai.

In Luca's Dream or Nightmare...

"Wh... Where am I...?!", Luca said as he opened his eyes and looked around him. He was on an island. He was lying on the shore. "This... this looks like my dream!", Luca looked around then he saw that red, jet-like pkémon zooming by, almost touching Luca. "Whoah! What was that? Bayleef! Come out!", Luca said as he threw a pokéball and Bayleef came out. "Use razor leaf at that pokémon!" Bayleef used it and hitted that pokémon. "La... tias..." "Whoah! It's a Latias... I guess... I should... catch it then..." Latias's eyes suddenly turned wide open and she started to smile and awaits to be catched. "I only got my one and only Master Ball... I guess... but this is a once in the lifetime..." Luca slowly threw the ball at Latias and caught her. "Now... how do I get out of here?!" There was suddenly a big explosion in front of him and there was a portal. "Bayleef come back!" Bayleef returned into his pokéball. "I guess I should go through there!" Luca ran through the portal and he saw Alice and Darkrai looking at Luca very worried. Luca was lying on the floor as he could see the Team Galactic Baloon burst away and he could see Magby behind Alice. "You woke up! Oh yeah! I guess you are curious what this Magby is doing here! He was once a part from Team Galactic but he hated to be with them so he wanted to be with me!" "Ahh... Alice... Darkrai... you were correct. There was a pokémon in my Dreams and Nightmares. It was Latias... I caught her... but I think... somehow... she wanted to be caught by me... Do you know the reason why, Darkrai?" "No, I don't... but I'm sure that you will take care of Latias.", Darkrai then turned into a shadow and flew to the center of the gardnen. All of the sleeping pokémon with nightmares woke up again. Luca was happy with his new pokémon and Alice too. But somehow... The Master Ball glows rapididly when close to Luca...
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Latias (Not Active)
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