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 Fred Backstar

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Fred Backstar
Fred Backstar

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PostSubject: Fred Backstar   Tue May 20, 2008 4:12 pm

Name of Your Trainer: Fred Backstar

Trainer Title: Ace Trainer Fred

Age of Your Trainer: 13

Gender: Male

Your Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax

Your Favorite Type: Normal

Appearence: Seems to be a below adverage or a weak trainer, but accually very good battler. He is on the nerdy side, but he is also very smart and can get out of any situation.

Starting Pokemon, put an O in ONE of the boxes Below:

[] Bulbasuar
[] Squirtle
[O] Charmander

[] Chickorita
[] Totodile
[] Cyndaquil

[] Treeko
[] Mudkip
[] Torchic

[] Turtwig
[] Piplup
[] Chimchar

History: Fred is a trainer from Palet Town. He started the same day as Ash and Gary, but his story was never told. In his early days his family was rich. They had all of the money in the world, and his father was known world-wide. Then one day, when Fred was about six years old, a pack of Tarous had stampeded twords his house. Fred's mother took him as far as she could, while his father and his father's pokemon, a Snorlax, fought off the Tarous. Three days later Fred and his mother had returned home, to find out the Mr. Backstar, Fred's father, died. Snorlax had ran away from home in those three days as well. Fred's mother went into a state of shock, and Fred has not seen her scince. Fred hopes to learn everything he can, and not get connected with people too much, as he was with his father and mother. To help him make freinds, though, Charmander, his first pokemon, is the most outgoing living thing you could ever meet. Fred's favorite pokemon became Snorlax, because that was his father's one and only pokemon, and Fred's first freind.

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PostSubject: Re: Fred Backstar   Tue May 20, 2008 4:55 pm


P.S. Your favorite Pokemon isn't far from mine! MUNCHLAX ALL THE WAY! lol

~Sinnoh Region~

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Fred Backstar
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