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 Am Arcanine Stammped!

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Fred Backstar

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PostSubject: Am Arcanine Stammped!   Thu May 22, 2008 5:31 pm

"Well a new town a new way place to start! I'm gonna go for that gym I see." As Fred arrives the doors are locked. "Dang it! Hey, what is that running at me?" Fred sees a gang of Arcanine chasing a Aipom. "Oh no! Charmander lets help him." "Char!"
Aipom jumps on Fred's soilder, and Fred and Charmader get run over by the Arcanines. While on the ground, Aipom takes one on Fred's pokeballs, and captures himself.
"Well, I guess a capture is a capture, ha ha ha."
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Am Arcanine Stammped!
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