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 Celadon City - Erika

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PostSubject: Celadon City - Erika   Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:24 pm

Name: Erika

City: Celadon

Badge: Rainbow Badge

Favorite Type: Grass


Description: Erika is the fourth gym leader in the Kanto region and resides in Celadon City. She is an expert on Grass types. That she is often depicted wearing a kimono, and the fact that only females train in her gym, are a tribute to geisha culture. Her name comes from the Japanese word rika, which can refer to either pear blossoms (梨花, pear blossoms?) or plum blossoms (李花, plum blossoms?). Erika alternates between having black and violet hair.

In FireRed and LeafGreen, she practices ikebana. She fights the player with a Vileplume, Tangela, and Victreebel. When defeated, she gives the player a Rainbow Badge.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Erika is called the "only heir of the Celadon Gym" and is treated as royalty. She also practices archery, and dresses in traditional Japanese clothes. When Red challenges her to a match, she requires that he first find an Eevee. Though she says this is a test of his strength, it is, as shown, part of a secret plan. Red manages to capture the creature (a special one, at that) with the help of Bill, and brings it to Erika. With this accomplished, Erika give Red the badge, but Red accuses her of having an evil scheme after Bill sees a file about an Eevee bio-engineering plan. While the battle is taking place, Red discovers that Erika is not actually the villain, but that the Eevee was a Team Rocket experiment. In truth, Erika was a good gym leader against Team Rocket. Because Red passes the test, Erika gave him the Eevee as a reward.

In the anime, Erika is the owner of a perfume shop inside of Celadon City, in addition to being the local gym leader. Her clothing is different from her other incarnations: she no longer sports the traditional kimono, instead opting for a sleeker single-piece green suit. Ash, not knowing that the owner of the shop is also the city's Gym Leader, ends up insulting her (by calling perfume a "girl thing"), which causes Erika to ban him from both her shop and her gym. Since Ash is determined to win a Rainbow Badge, he disguises himself as a girl named Ashley with Team Rocket's help and sneaks into the gym while Team Rocket pretends to be his parents. Ash is discovered by Pikachu, and Erika battles him rather than kicking him out. While they are battling, Team Rocket interrupts, setting the gym on fire. A rush ensues as trainers attempt to rescue all the Pokémon in the gym by recalling them to their Poké Balls and carrying them out, but, in the confusion, Erika's Gloom gets trapped in the inferno. Erika tries to save it, but Ash volunteers and succeeds in saving Erika's Gloom. As a reward, Erika gives him the Rainbow Badge.

~Sinnoh Region~

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Celadon City - Erika
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