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 Indigo's Jigglypuff

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PostSubject: Indigo's Jigglypuff   Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:54 pm

Name of Pokemon: Jigglypuff


Gender: Girl

Evolutions: Igglybuff + Happiness = Jigglypuff + Moon Stone = Wigglytuff

Type: Normal

Type of Pokeball Caught In: Pokeball

History: Jigglypuff was Indago's very first Pokemon ever and he raised her from an Igglybuff, but the reason he didn't take Jigglypuff on his adventure was because he wanted his parents to have someone to keep them company. Indago was coming back to his house after his Gym Battle in Hoenn when a Strong looking Trainer Challenged him to a one-on-one Pokemon Battle. At the end Indago tied with the Trainer's. Indago was disapointed with this but he still went to his house. When he got home Jigglypuff was so happy to see him that she gave him a hug the moment he came in. They ate dinner and talked and by the end they decided that it would be best if Jigglypuff was to go on Indago's adventures. Indago and Jigglypuff were over joyed and decided to leave. On the way out they stoped by the Pokemart and the Pokemon Center when they ran into the Trainer again. Indago asked for a rematch and the Trainer accepted. At the end of the battle Jigglypuff defeated the Trainer and they set off through Hoenn. Ever since Jigglypuff has been a very important part of Indago's Team and his child hood best friend.

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Indigo's Jigglypuff
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