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 Moon's pokemon

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PostSubject: Moon's pokemon   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:01 pm

Subject: Pokemon Template Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:17 pm


I will use Pikachu as an example:

Name of Pokemon: (Example: Pikachu, but what's this? You want a shiny Pikachu? ok then, Example: Pikachu (shiny)) Chimchar[shiny]]

Appearence: (Picture of a Pikachu) will a mental pic do? a chimp with flames as a tail

Gender: (Is your Pikachu a boy or girl?)girl.

Evolutions: (Example, Pichu + Frenship = Pikachu + Thunder Stone = Raichu)chim+fire=chimchar+firestone=?

Weaknesses: (Example, Pikachu is weak against Ground type moves.)
weak against water moves.
Resistance: (Example, Pikachu is resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel attacks)
Type: (Your Pikachu is an Electric Type Pokemon) fire

Type of Pokeball Caught In: (Which type of Pokeball did you catch Pikachu with? Ultra Ball, Heart Ball, Dusk Ball, Ect.) hart ball

History: (How did you get your Pikachu?) walking around one day,saw it lying there,useless,thwen decided i would not let it die
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Moon's pokemon
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