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 Veilstone City - Maylene

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PostSubject: Veilstone City - Maylene   Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:58 pm

Name: Maylene

City: Veilstone City

Badge: Cobble Badge

Favorite Type: Fighting


Description: is the young Gym Leader of Veilstone City and specializes in Fighting-types. The player is required to solve a puzzle to clear the path to her, battling gym trainers, which focus on Fighting-type Pokémon along the way. Maylene's Pokémon are Meditite, Machoke and Lucario. She awards the Cobble Badge to trainers who defeat her.

Maylene's first appearance is on DP66, "Lucario and the Aura Sphere of Rage!". When Ash and friends reached Veilstone City, they saw a girl there, training with a Lucario. Later, it was introduced that she was Maylene, the Veistone City Gymleader. Ash asked immediately for a battle, but Maylene refused the request because of Paul. She also appeared in DP67, "Dawn's First Gym Battle!", where Maylene battled Dawn using her Lucario, Meditite and Machoke. She later appeared in DP68,"Veilstone Gym! Lucario vs. Buizel!", where Ash battled Maylene and won the Cobble Badge.

~Sinnoh Region~

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Veilstone City - Maylene
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