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 Ecruteak City - Morty

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PostSubject: Ecruteak City - Morty   Ecruteak City - Morty I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 8:38 pm

Name: Morty

City: Ecruteak City

Badge: Fog Badge

Favorite Type: Ghost

Appearence: Ecruteak City - Morty Morty

Description: is in charge of the Fog Badge (Phantom Badge in Japanese language versions), and resides in Ecruteak City. He is very mysterious, owing to his nature as a trainer of Ghost Pokémon. Appropriately, his name comes from the Latin word mors, mortis "death".

~Sinnoh Region~

Ecruteak City - Morty Mikano
Ecruteak City - Morty Tcvlad
Ecruteak City - Morty Bannerdusknoir
Ecruteak City - Morty Bannerdusknoir1Ecruteak City - Morty Bannerdusknoir2
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Ecruteak City - Morty
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