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 Olivine City - Jasmine

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PostSubject: Olivine City - Jasmine   Olivine City - Jasmine I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 8:44 pm

Name: Jasmine

City: Olivine City

Badge: Mineral Badge

Favorite Type: Steel

Appearence: Olivine City - Jasmine 200px-Jasmine_Pokemon

Description: Jasmine is in charge of the Mineral Badge (Steel Badge in Japanese), and resides in Olivine City. She is an expert on Steel types, but also has an Ampharos which lights the Olivine Lighthouse. Her name is related to the word mineral or mine. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, Jasmine's title is The Steel-Clad Defense Girl. The player is unable to fight her immediately, as she is busy taking care of a sick Ampharos (renaming Amphy) at the Olivine lighthouse. First, the player must get special medicine from the pharmacy in Cianwood City and give it to her. The Olivine City Gym is probably the most simply designed Pokémon Gym in Johto. It consists of one straight, fairly short boulder-lined walkway leading up to a small set of steps onto a raised stone platform. For this reason, and possibly due somewhat to Jasmine's shy nature, she appears to be the only member of her gym, accompanied only by her two Magnemites and her Steelix. Although Jasmine trains Steel-types, a villager says that she used to train Rock types such as Onix.

In Pokémon Stadium 2, the player must battle her twice. In Round One, she has a Magneton, Forretress, Steelix, Skarmory and unusually, a Mantine and Corsola. In Round Two, other than Steelix, she has a totally new line-up of Blastoise, Rapidash, Slowbro, Scizor and Stantler.

She appears in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl; she apparently came to the Sinnoh region to make herself stronger. She gives the player HM07 after he/she defeats the 8th gym leader, Volkner. She also appears as an opponent alongside the player's mother and Hearthome Gym Leader Fantina in the Master Rank Pokemon contests (She has a Steelix named Rusty).

~Sinnoh Region~

Olivine City - Jasmine Mikano
Olivine City - Jasmine Tcvlad
Olivine City - Jasmine Bannerdusknoir
Olivine City - Jasmine Bannerdusknoir1Olivine City - Jasmine Bannerdusknoir2
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Olivine City - Jasmine
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