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 Pokemon Trainer Lilly

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PostSubject: Pokemon Trainer Lilly   Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:22 pm

Trainer Title: PKMN Trainer

Age of Your Trainer: 15

Gender: Female

Your Favorite Pokemon: Mew!!!

Your Favorite Type: Fire

Appearence: Look at the trainer card

Starting Pokemon, put an O in ONE of the boxes Below:

[] Bulbasuar
[] Squirtle
[] Charmander

[] Chickorita
[] Totodile
[O] Cyndaquil

[] Treeko
[] Mudkip
[] Torchic

[] Turtwig
[] Piplup
[] Chimchar

History: Lilly is from the Johto region and has always loved pokemon. She used to see bug pokemon nibbling on the plants in her backyard before she became a trainer. That's how she first got interested in pokemon. She got an e-mail from professor Elm about three new pokemon he was bringing in that afternoon. She got very excited so she went right away, but professor Elm wasn't there yet so she had to wait. When he got back he was surprised to find her there. She asked him if she could have a pokemon and he took her inside. He opened up the three pokeballs and the pokemon lined up on the floor. He asked her which one she wanted and she said Cyndaquil. Professor Elm gave Lilly the Cyndaquil's pokeball and sent her on her way. From then on they were bestest buddies!

Pokemon Trainer Card: Look at my avatar pig

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Trainer Lilly   Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:46 pm


~Sinnoh Region~

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Pokemon Trainer Lilly
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