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 Pewter City - Brock

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PostSubject: Pewter City - Brock   Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:07 pm

Name: Brock

City: Pewter City

Badge: Bolder Badge

Favorite Type: Rock


He uses Rock-type Pokémon. Brock is also known in the animated series, the Pokemon manga series Ash & Pikachu manga as the character whose eyes appear to be closed all the time. This trait appears to be hereditary, as his father and ten siblings all share it.
In the video games, Brock is the first gym leader the player battles. He uses Geodude Onix]. When defeated, he gives the player a Boulder Badge. He is easily beaten if the player chooses either Squirtle or Bulbasaur as a starter, but is difficult if Charmander is chosen.
In the anime, Brock is a parental type, and is no stranger to taking care of people. At the start of the series he was the Pewter Gym Leader, who took care of his brothers and sisters since neither his father nor his mother were around during this time. He wanted to compete in the Indigo League, but later chose to become a Pokemon breeder instead. After Ashdefeats him, Brock steps down from his Gym Leader position to travel with him.

~Sinnoh Region~

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Pewter City - Brock
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