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 Pkmn Trainer - Luca-kun :3

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PostSubject: Pkmn Trainer - Luca-kun :3   Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:29 pm

Name of Your Trainer: Luca Kurosaki, but you can call him Luca-kun :3

Trainer Title: Pkmn Trainer

Age of Your Trainer: 13

Gender: Maskulinum xD I mean le Garcon xD No wait Male!

Your Favorite Pokemon: I have no Idea >.< But at the top is Buneary and Pachirisu

Your Favorite Type: Ghost ((BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!))

Appearence: Can't you tell ba looking in my avatar?

Starting Pokemon, put an O in ONE of the boxes Below:

[] Bulbasuar
[] Squirtle
[] Charmander

[O] Chickorita
[] Totodile
[] Cyndaquil

[] Treeko
[] Mudkip
[] Torchic

[] Turtwig
[] Piplup
[] Chimchar

History: Luca was born in the Region Johto in the town called New Bark Town. Luca was 4, when he first walked into Tall Grass. Suddenly a Chikorita came out of nowhere and helped Luca. They were ambushed by Hoothoot, the Pokémons that only appear in the night. After that Professor Elm came out of nowhere and saw how Luca battled with Chikorita. Prof. Elm was very impressed and so he gave the Chikorita as a present for Luca. Chikorita was very close to Luca and vise versa. At that moment, Luca's adventure began...

Pokemon Trainer Card: Lookie at my avatar! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Pkmn Trainer - Luca-kun :3   Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:27 pm

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Pkmn Trainer - Luca-kun :3
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