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 Pokemon Trainer, Crimson

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PostSubject: Pokemon Trainer, Crimson   Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:47 pm

Name of Your Trainer: Crimson

Trainer Title: Pokemon Trainer

Age of Your Trainer: 14

Gender: Male

Your Favorite Pokemon: Charizard

Your Favorite Type: Fire


Starting Pokemon, put an O in ONE of the boxes Below:

[] Bulbasuar
[] Squirtle
[O] Charmander

[] Chickorita
[] Totodile
[] Cyndaquil

[] Treeko
[] Mudkip
[] Torchic

[] Turtwig
[] Piplup
[] Chimchar

History: Crimson is from Pallet Town. When he was little he looked up to Red because he was an amazing Pokemon trainer that originated form Pallet. Around when Crimson turned 13 Proffessour Oak got a Charmander, Bulbusaur, and Squirtle. When Crimson heard about this he dashed off to Proffesour Oak's Lab. When he got there Proffessour Oak was just unloading the Pokeballs from his pack onto a desk. Crimson asked for one because he wished to become a trainer. Then a member of Team Rocket stormed in with a Beedrill and told Proffessour Oak to hand over the pokeballs. He grabbed two of them and then Crimson snatched the third and threw it. A Charmander came out and Crimson used him to defeat the Team Rocket member. Proffessour Oak was impressed with Crimson and asked which Pokemon he wanted. Crimson said he would not take any besides Charmander because they had formed such a strong bond in such a short period of time. Now Crimson has just started his journey on the road to be as great a trainer as Red. With his new best friend, Charmander.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Trainer, Crimson   Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:07 pm


~Sinnoh Region~

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Pokemon Trainer, Crimson
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